B Green Exclusive Pre-Set Solar Leads

10 Years of Providing Quality Telemarketing leads set from our Colorado office 


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Quality Lead Generation

We Qualify: 

- Roof Space, shade and material

- Credit score

- Utility company and usage

- Tax appetite

- Both spouses present

- Recordings provided

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We Schedule: 

Via compliant cold calling from our Denver, CO office we:  find, qualify and schedule homeowners interested in solar to meet with your solar salespeople. 

No Web inquiry leads - we focus on the passive market, not the active shoppers who have already met with 4 companies. 

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Quality department checks every roof, listens to every qualifier, verifies interest level and sends you your pre-set leads within 1 hour of hanging up with homeowner. 

Clients close 1 - 2 out of every 10 gross leads, resulting in a $900 - $1800 Cost Per Acquisition.

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Leadership Team

Where the Passion Begins


Jeff Rhodes

Owner, Founder, CEO


Jon Burgher

Director of Operations

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Zach Appleyard

Call Center Manager


Kate Scott

Director of Marketing


Our Denver Call Center

Helping Businesses Blossom


Our Solar Advocates

Passionate about the environment, unafraid to get 200 "no's" for every "yes" and proud to be a part of the growing solar industry. 

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Our Home

Located right outside of Denver, Colorado our beautiful Lakewood office houses our 20 person team of Solar Advocate Callers. 

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Now Hiring

Our full time solar advocates average $18+ per hour and have a great time doing it! Email Kscott@Bgreen.solar to schedule an interview. 

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393 S Harlan St Ste 210, Lakewood, CO 80226, USA

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